Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Party Part 3

Hello Everyone!
Ok, so a little explanation and a little description. I had to do this in 3 parts because my computer will freeze if I try to add more than the alotted 5 pictures to each post... I know there is probably a fix for that, but I had my momentum going and needed to post asap, so I just dealt with it.

So the party was super great... We started around 6ish, and took pictures as people came. Everyone had a food assignment, and it was all fabulous! I love good food, so thanks to everyone who brought some. Then we had a pirate trivia game that I spent FOREVER putting together... You'd be suprised how much information there isn't.

Anyway, we played that (girls won of course :)) and then we just munched and chilled. I'm hoping everyone had a good time!

Mike, Shayla, Syd and Mark eating dinner.

Mike 'sitting' on mom's lap... He was actually just in a higher chair, but it was a great photo op.

Just the photo set-up. There was never really a good shot of people in it, so I just took one stag :).

Anyway, that concludes my Halloween posts for the year... maybe.

Halloween Party Part 2

So yes, this is Dad (the wench) and Mom (the pirate). Can you believe that? Dad was seriously freaky... the high voice, the bosoms, the makeup... Wow. Way to go mom for being seen with him.... her.... whatever.

This is super cute Chris and Becky, so glad they came! Hope we didn't scare Becky off.
My little sister Sydney and her boyfriend Mark. *mini plug for ashley - I made that blue shirt she's wearing*. Anyway, they looked great. I love the snarl of Syd's face, super pirate-y. Oh, and she just got her wisdom teeth out yesterday, go go Syd!

My Mother and Father-In-Law, Joanna and JT and Joanna's daughter Helena... I'm super glad they came, Helena and her little family had just come back from Texas not even a week prior, so I'm glad she was available to come.

Awwwww, what a cute couple! Mike and Shayla are always so fun to have around. And even though Mike looked like a colonial pirate (at least he thought so), they looked great!

Ok, so I have a few more to post, I'll get right to it, but the party was alot of fun :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween party part 1

So here is beautiful Cindy being cuffed, threatened, and forced to drink by her 3 brothers...
The 'Guy' team (they lost by the way). We couldn't decide where to put Dad because, well... he IS a guy, even though he was dressed like a girl. And we couldn't decide where to put Mom because, well.... she IS a girl, even though she was dressed like a guy. So in the end, since the girl team had more than the boy team, we decided that we rejected Dad as a girl, and put him on the boy team, and since mom was dressed like a boy and we were one short... Aaaaaanway, there you go.
The girl team (Syd is Waaaaay in the background there), but minus me cuz I had to take the picture :)

And oh-my-gosh, Jasper is the CUTEST pirate I've ever seen!

He was having the biggest blast running around in that hat, and delivering gold out of the treasure chest and onto the ottoman... This was right before bedtime, we had just retrieved him from the neighbors (thanks Lisa).

So there you go, my Pirate Party, October of 2010, YAY!