Monday, October 25, 2010

Witch Spider?

Hi there. So I'm gonna post a few pictures of my first two Halloween Extravaganzas, me as a witch, and me as a spider. I will post my Halloween party as soon as I get the pictrues printed on to a CD. Before me ask, I will quote the immortal words of Indigo Montoya: "Lemme splain. No, there is too much, lemme sum up."

See, my cameral stinks, so I asked mom to bring hers, and she did and it worked great. So then she sent them over to me from Costco.comc, and I didn't realize you can't actually download the pictures onto your computer for the Costco site itself if they are not yours... Soooooo, I have to make a CD of them, then load them onto my comtpuer so I can post them. Ugh.

Aaaaaanyway, here is me as a witch... Fake eyelashes, nylons turned gloves and a walmart hat I tweaked a little made for a fun witch outfit. Had a great time out with some girlfriends.

So for my spider costume, I really just wore black and did my face and hair up... This is an 'arial' view of my finished head... a tulle veil with a spider on top.

I saw this awesome tutorial online about how to make a web-face thing, so I used all my own makeup and just a little halloween makeup to create it.

I also parted my hair pretty far on the side, and braided about 6 strands... I lifted them up and spraypainted white under and the braids black to make a webby-ish look.

So here's the finished product... I am wearing fangs, just in case my smile looks funny... but that's with the veil and spider and makeup all done. I think I had more fun doing that than anything else :)

So anyway, I'll post the Pirate party asap. Love you guys,

So For a 'How to Host a Murder' night at a neighbors, Doug was assigned Bigfoot... So I had to make him an outfit that didn't cost a million dollars (have you SEEN the prices on gorilla suits?). So besides sewing him a hairy shirt, I made cardboard feet to attach to his shoes.

So first I cut out a cardboard outline of the feet I wanted, then trimmed some of the fur around it so I could fold it over the edges and between the toes.

I hot glued the fur in place and ended up with....

Some totally awesome feet!

Finished product, what do you think? Doug was a great sport about it, as you can tell by the 'can I take this off now' face. Love ya baby!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Update

So I know it's been a bit since I've posted, but this week is REDICULOUSLY crazy, so after Saturday, I'll post all the pictures from last night's Witchapaloosa (I went as a witch), tonights How to Host a Murder (Doug is Bigfoot,and I'm a spider), and tomorrows Pirate Party. 3 costumes in 3 nights... uhg! :)
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chris and Becky!

So I have to give a shout-out to Chris and Becky... We helped Chris set up his proposal, so I got a few shots of the setup. We put her ring inside a rose (not nearly as easy as it sounds), and Chris had us lay out a blanket with 2 dozen roses and a bucket of Red Vines (I guess it's a favorite). We also got it on video tape, but I'll get their permission before posting that ;).
She said yes obviously, and it was very sweet and cute. We love Becky! So glad she's gonna be part of the family!


The Zoo's Harvest Festival

Just a few weeks ago Jasper, Doug and I met Grandma and Grandpa Connelly at the Zoo for their 2nd annual Harvest Festival. We got to play a few games, ride the ferris wheel, and Jasper got a few fun prizes!

Jasper got a tattoo, and held so still the whole time! Was funny to seem him try to get the 'sticker' off his hand...

It was super crowded, but we got there pretty early and beat the biggest rush luckily. They actually ran out of tickets a little later, and had to tell people the Harvest Festival was over early. Bummer!

Jasper and Kimmie

Hello there :) Kimmie Campbell and Jasper recently shared a wagon ride in the back yard and seemed to have a lot of fun! It was nice to have visitors, so thanks Kimmie and Steph!

They play really well together, and now that Ted works in West Valley I might be seeing more of them, which would be awesome!