Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Over!!

Yes yes, I know I've been a slacker.... But I've been super busy! And since the only people who read this already know why, I won't bother going into too much detail :)

This is a finished picture... All the decorations are set up but the party hadn't started, so I took the time to take some pictures of it fully adorned and empty of people.

*choir of angels singing*

Here's an in-the-process picture... There is Nellie hanging up lights (thank you Nellie), and Josh and a Hawkins boy helping out (thanks to them too). Also had Melanie Hawkins, her daughter Maddie, and Emma Johnson fluffing the snowballs you see hanging... I seriously owe them my sanity, because there was no way I wanted to spend an hour and a half doing that. So thanks to them too :)

Also, what you can't see going on is Hillari and Curt running twine up to the hooks for the lights to be strung on, and then actually stringing all the lights as well. Curt has nerves of steel, because he was the only one willing to get up on this rickety ladder to do the up-high stuff. (thanks Curt!). And thanks to Hill for bringing the ladder and all her work too... I was able to do what I wanted because she did the grunt work that night. I really really REALLY didn't want to string lights, and she did it without complaint like a rock star.

So these beautiful centerpieces were really pretty easy, just time consuming, so I had a little party one Saturday night to get a jump start on them all... and bless Jill for rolling all those stupid cones for the wreath centerpieces! And to Kristin, Shayla, Hillari and Aimee for putting in the time to do some pillars and wreaths as well. Seriously, that night got about half of the work done and saved my stressed out butt.

And don't you love that pole in the background? I can't even tell you how excited I was to find out that we had a volleyball net pole that would go in the center of our gym... All it took was a little (ok a lot) of ribbon and we had a real live north pole (thanks to Erin for that btw).

Anyway, the day after felt like what I would imagine a hang-over to feel like... but the whole thing seemed to go really well thanks to Aimee and Jer's planning... the roast beef was awesome too.

I got a few awesome comments too: "This is like a small town prom!" and "All we need is a bride and groom!". Heck, if I can make it look like a wedding with only $100, imagine what I can do with more!