Thursday, February 24, 2011

YoYo Mama

I got a request from someone to let them know where to find the baby quilt pattern I use, so for anyone who is curious, it's a YoYo Mama design called 'Vintage Baby Quilt'. I haven't been able to find a website for whoever designs these, but I found this particular pattern at a specialty quilt shop called 'Quilters Haven'. I hope that helps!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jasper Slam Dunk!

Here's hoping this works! The FUNNIEST video of Doug and Jasper enjoying a blow-up-toy basketball hoop. Doug did this with him for over half and hour, and Jasper was just LOVING it! This is my first time uploading a video, here goes!

My Messy Jasper

I found a theme in my latest camera upload: Jasper enjoying the sweetness of batter and frosting. Here he's wearing Nana Wendy's brownie batter. Thanks Grandma!

Crashing a birthday party, and eating the smallest cupcake I've ever seen with the biggest glob of blue frosting I've ever seen. Here he's trying to fit it in....
...And here he's failed miserably. But I'm loving the '80's mustache look!
Not too messy here, but enjoying some of Mommy's white buttercream frosting on a whisk the size of his head.

By Golly, I love this kid!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Adorable Shabby Patchwork Blankie

I love this style of blankie - and they are so fun to make!
They are soft, and cute with the frayed edges - (easier to make too!) - and they make GREAT gifts!
This pattern is a Yo-Yo Mama Design, and it was easy to follow, and very fulfilling to make!
Here are a few more pictures of blankies I have made, using the same pattern!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby #2... It's a Boy!!!

I am SO EXCITED! Another baby boy on the way, and someone for Jasper to play with :)
The Ultrasound Nurse was super nice, and said the baby looked great... looks like from the size the due date might be moved up a little (yay!). Here are some of the better pictures from the CD she gave me:

This is baby's spine and big 'ol tummy. You can see most of the body here and I love it :).
Proof that it's really a boy... Doug is so proud.

You can see the 4 chambers of the heart in this one. The nurse zoomed in and we got to see the valves working, it was pretty cool to see.

Here is the little peanut's face. A little skeletal, I know, but cool none the less.

And here is baby's little face :) I love love love this one. It's really cool to see the nose and mouth and forehead. Really makes it look like a baby, not an alien :)

So we're taking name suggestions, although the front runners are still Finn, Ian, Isaac, Coel, and a few others.